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We are all things geek! We supply trading card games, board games, table top war games, role playing games and gaming accessories. Always plenty of events and competitions at our store, so feel free to join in whether you are a veteran player or just starting out. Great environment for geek minded people to meet new people. Food is available, so come hungry.

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The Warren - Hobby Gaming, Somerset West


Open times during lockdown Published : 2021-01-05

Monday - Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - 10AM - 5PM

Saturday and Sunday - 10AM - 2PM

Kaldheim is on it's way! Published : 2020-12-17

For Kaldheim pre order go here

Next event... Blazing Vortex Core Booster Premiere! - 30 Jan : 2021-01-30

Time: 11:00

You will receive 5 Blazing Vortex Boosters to build a minimum 20-card deck and play in a tournament.

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